tooth Load factor
KA application factor, to take into account loads additional to nominal loads from external sources, i.e. the driving and driven machine. KA=1 for uniform load, KA=1.5 for moderate shocks, up to KA =2 and higher for heavy shocks.belasting.

Kv dynamic factor, very accurate gearing, i.e. accurate alignment and adequately lubricated so that the accuracy is maintained, Kv=1...1.1

KHα transverse load factor for contact stress and KFa for tooth root stress account for the effect of non-uniform distribution of transverse load between several pairs of simultaneausly contacting gear teeth. For accurate gearing KHα=1, less quality grade KHα=1.2.

KHβ face load factor for contact stress. This factor takes into account the effects of the non uniform distribution of load over the gear face width on the surface stress (KHβ) and on the tooth-root stress (KFβ). For accurate gearing KHβ=1.1...1.4.
σH / σH0 = (KA*Kv*KHα*KHβ)  
 enter new value in the main program window manually !