TourTour Specific wear rate nominal line contact
Input r and b Input b and h
 r 10-3 m h 10-6 m
 b 10-3 m b 10-3 m
 L 10-3 m L 10-3 m
 F N F N
 s m s m
 V 10-12 m3 V 10-12 m3
 k 10-15 m2/N k 10-15 m2/N
Input r and b: It is assumed that the wear depth is a result of a wear scar of width 2b and a profile defined by the radius of the ring.
Input b and h: A curved wear scar is assumed of width 2b and depth h.
Alternative measurement techniques to establish the wear volume is by using a 3D surface profiler or a 2D surface stylometer.