TourTourCalculator for viscous damping
 Diameter R0   10-3 m
 Diameter R1   10-3 m
 Length x   10-3 m
 Radial gap size h0   10-3 m
 Viscosity hydraulic fluid η    Pas
 Damping constant C   103 Ns/m
 Normalised impuls I0   Ns
The damping constant is the ratio between damping force and squeeze velocity. The damping constant can be used to calculate the amplitude of motion around L and the hydrostatic pressure p when the piston is subjected to sinusoidal vibrations F(t) or when shock loaded.

The normalised impuls is the averaged damping force from starting position L=0 to L. The normalised impuls can be used to calculate the displacement of the piston when subjected by F(t) during t.