TourTourCalculator for viscous fluid damping
 Diameter R0   10-3 m
 Diameter d   10-3 m
 Length L   10-3 m
 Viscosity hydraulic fluid η    Pas
 Damping constant C   103 Ns/m
 Normalised impuls I0   Ns
The damping constant is the ratio between damping force and squeeze velocity. The damping constant can be used to calculate the amplitude of motion around L and the hydrostatic pressure p when the piston is subjected to sinusoidal vibrations F(t).

The normalised impuls is the averaged damping force from starting position L=0 to L. The normalised impuls can be used to calculate the displacement of the piston when subjected by shock loading Fdt.

The Reynolds number in the capillar needs to be checked while laminar viscous flow is assumed.

For the working of suspension and shock absorbers read