TourTour Stresses in cylinders, pipes and vessels

 Outer diameter d   10-3 m
 Inner diameter di   10-3 m
 Inner pressure pi   106 Pa
 Modulus of elasticity E   109 Pa
 Poisson's ratio v   109 Pa
 Wall thickness 10-3 m
 Cross section A 10-3 m2
 Tangential stress σ(di)  109 Pa
 Tangential stress σ(d) 106 Pa
 Von Mises stress σe(di) = (σt2r2tσr)1/2 106 Pa
 Von Mises stress σe(d) = (σt2r2tσr)1/2 106 Pa
 Diametric expansion δ 10-3 m
Based on Lame's equation for open-ended cylinders