TourTour Stiffness and Buckling limit of Wire springs

 Beam type
 Beam diameter D 10-3 m
 Beam diameter d 10-3 m
 Beam length L m
 Beam deflection z m
 Modulus of elasticity 109 Pa
 Cross section A 10-3 m2
 Second moment of area I=π/64(D4-d4) 10-9 m4
 Longitudinal stiffness Sx  109 N/m
 Lateral stiffness Sz 106 N/m
 Bending stress S 106 Pa
 Buckling load F 103 N

The longitudinal stiffness, lateral stiffness and buckling load are calculated for z=0.

The configuration with reinforced mid-section considered in this calculator shows an increase of the buckling limit by a factor of nine while the lateral stiffness has increased with only 20%.