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I have received your book + cd, thank you for the prompt delivery.
I am very impressed with the content of this book, such that I have recommended it to a technical school that I lecture at.
As you are aware most of the books in this field are too academic for the average engineer/student and many books don't cover half the topics in your book!
Thank you

I have received your book! It is a great book for mechanical design; I am
using it for a contact failure study now. Thank you for your help during my
purchasing. And thank you very much for your hard working on writing such a
wonderful book with thousands real applications!
I must commend you on an excellent book, I will be recommending this to
It's a pleasure to read your book. It's in a perfect format for undergraduates but also for engineers in industry. I'm giving a course for PhD-students on modeling of lubrication. It will take place next week and I'm sorry that I'm very late with this message. But is there any chance to deliver xx books to us before xx?
Thanks for sending this excellent book. Reading the book, I think it's perfect and probably the finest book I've ever had.
Sir, I have received your book Advanced Engineering Design which I
find to be most informative and instructive.

I thought you might like to know that I am using this to help me and my
staff make decisions concerning why something has failed and from that
whether we should pay out on warranty claims.

Thank you very much for this valuable reference which is obviously a very
heavy duty work and beautifully presented.
The book content is very useful. It is nice to see the company I work for " Shell" is the co-sponsor of your book.
I received your book yesterday afternoon. It really looks good and I've shown it to the rest of the lab. Like me, they liked it a lot.
Good grief, i didn't realise i was talking to the author, wow!!! Thank you.
I will most definitely be ordering a copy. I know this is a bit cheeky but
is there any chance that you could sign it?
Today I received your book. Its exactly what I needed.