V-belt drives
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 Transmitting power P kW
 Rotational speed driver pulley n1 rpm
 Diameter driver pulley D1 mm
 Diameter driven pulley D2 mm
 Center to center distance mm
 Pulley groove angle β deg
 Coefficient of friction μ   -
 Drive ratio i = D1/D2 -
 Rotational speed driven pulley i1 n1 rpm
 Belt speed v = π D1 n1 m/s
 Belt length L m
 Smallest belt wrap angle α deg
 Drive torque P/(2π·n1) Nm
 Drive force T1-T2 = P/v N
 Effective friction coefficient μ' = μ/(sin(β/2)) -
 Ratio of belt forces T1/T2 = exp(μ'α) -
 Belt tension load T1 = (T1-T2)/(1-T2/T1) N
 Belt tension load T2 = T1 T2/T1 N
 Shaft load Fa N